Poultry rearing units

Turnkey poultry rearing units for broliers, breeder hens, laying hens and research centers.

Animal feed plants

Designed to all types of livestock farms (poultry, ovine, bovine, ...). The automated installations controlled by computer, nowadays produced a rising value of production obtained.


Generally, the performance of the incubator is measured in terms of capacity and quality hatching chicks. But to be highly competitive, it is necessary to explore the nature of the incubation cheaper and efficiently as possible.


Construction with high corrosion resistance, adapted to energy efficiency and thermal insulation for extreme conditions.

Cold rooms

A good management of the refrigeration process is essential to obtain a high quality product.

Agri-food center

Certain phases of handling food must be make in extremely clean environments and controlled, for to minimize the risk of contamination that exist in the environment.

Livestock management - NEDAP -

NEDAP VELOS, the new control system for pig breeding, provides you with the solution.