• NEDAP Farrowing Feeding
  • NEDAP Farrowing Feeding

NEDAP Farrowing Feeding

Too much weight loss of sows in the farrowing pen leads to negative consequences for the next cycle: reduced and delayed heat after weaning, a significant decrease in quality of the ova and embryos, fewer piglets and more sows returning to service. By applying an automated feed strategy with Nedap Farrowing Feeding, the risk of weight loss is reduced and the sow remains in top condition.

Nedap Farrowing Feeding enables you to automatically feed your sows, in the temporary individual housing of the farrowing pen, with the correct feed rations according to its individual needs and all this in an efficient and labour reducing manner.

The individual dosing system feeds the sow daily, according to the most suitable strategy, this can be entirely adjusted to match your own feed strategy. As an added advantage, the feed in the trough remains fresh.


Nedap Farrowing Feeding: the benefits

  1. -Feed rations adjusted to the individual needs of the animal
  2. -Reduction of labour
  3. -Improved sow vitality
  4. -Can also be applied in the breeding stall
  5. -Initiating the daily dosing system if and when required
  6. -Possible to dose in several rations
  7. -Nedap: innovating and reliable


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