• NEDAP Pig Sorting
  • NEDAP Pig Sorting
  • NEDAP Pig Sorting

NEDAP Pig Sorting

Nedap Pig Sorting makes it possible to keep finishing pigs in large groups, whilst each individual pig receives appropriate attention.

The individual management of your pigs in a faster, more efficient and more accurate manner. You will no longer have to bring the correct feed to the pigs, the pigs visit the sorting system when they want to feed.

The system determines the weight of the animal and based on this information the pig will be guided to the correct type of feed. Result: optimisation of feed provision and maximisation of growth, you as the farmer will have constant insight into the health of your individual animals.


Nedap Pig Sorting: the benefits

  1. -Daily determination of individual animal weight
  2. -Automatic adjustment of feed to growth and gender
  3. -Automatic sorting of animals for slaughtering based on weight and gender
  4. -Tracking animals from birth to delivery
  5. -Low construction costs
  6. -Image of group housing of pigs
  7. -Nedap: innovative and reliable


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